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Finger jointed beams

Description and main purpuse of use

KVH structural timber is a kiln-dried and finger-jointed, strength-graded timber product made of solid softwood. Dimensionally stable and 4 side planed.
Suitable for timber frame buildings and timber constructions.

Certified according to SANS 1783-1 and SANS 1783-2.


The timber used for production of KVH is sorted according to European standards. After cutting and sorting, it is kiln-dried to residual moisture content of 15 %, which guarantee the dimensional stability of elements, little propensity for cracking and durability against attack of wood-destroying fungi. Timber elements are provided with finger joint and glued together with toxicologically safe and solvent-free PUR adhesives. The surface of KVH is planned and the edges are chamfered.


Strength classes and utilization 

The timber used for production of KVH is strength graded according to European standards. The individual sections are bonded together without affecting the structural strength of the structural element. The known strength classes help with design and static calculation of the construction. KVH is basically produced in strength class S10​ /C24 (see the comparison with SA Grading below or read more in article)​, the strength class C30 is only on request. The numeric value represents a characteristic value of the bending strength measured in N/mm2, respectively in MP. 

Mostly, KVH is used for the load-bearing frame constructions, ceiling beams and girders, roof constructions visible from the interior, pergolas and other construction.  

Typical dimension

Thicknesses: 40 - 140 mm
Width: 80 - 300 mm
Lenght: 11,95 m

See the list of dimensions below


Standard Dimensions KVH and DUO/TRIO
Timber Instituce: Spruce & SA Pine comparison


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