First Workshop in the Hout Bay House

First Workshop in the Hout Bay House

On Wednesday, February 14th we hostet the first Workshop in the Hout Bay House and trust this event will open a new tradion. The First Workshop introduced modern Timber Constructions from various points of view.

Jiri spoke about the Novatop construction system, which has been used to build the Hout Bay House, Klaus shared his experiance with using imported as well as local timber at South African building sites. The main topic was this time the wooden cladding: Eliska introduced the research project dealing with wooden cladding exposed to the climatic conditions of Western Cape and Michal mentioned some of the important details about instalation of wooden cladding.


Speakers and Topics


Klaus Körber | Experience with the South African Building Sites

Having qualified as a Master Carpenter in Germany in 1993, Klaus relocated to South Africa in 2006 and founded Pitch 45
introducing his expertise in specialized timber roofing to local clients. Klaus will share his experience from different South
African building sites, present his timber projects and will enjoy a discussion about using imported timbers.


Eliška Oberhofnerová | Surface Degradation of Wooden Cladding in SA

Eliška, a PhD. student at the Czech University of Life Sciences, is leading the research section of the Hout
Bay House Project since its beginning in 2015. During the Workshop, she will present the research
dealing with the surface degradation of the treated and untreated wooden cladding.


Jiří Oslizlo | Novatop Solid Wood Construction System

Jiří, the owner of the Novatop plant, which is spearheading the first certified CLT in the South African market, will
explain more about the solid wood construction system, its advantages, construction details and options of combination
with other building materials. All construction details will be demonstrated directly in the Hout Bay House.


Michal Popov | Wooden Cladding: The Devil is in the Detail

Having spent almost 30 years in timber business, Michal has been closely cooperating with SECA,
a producer of wooden profiles for decking, cladding and flooring. During the Workshop Michal will explain
some important details about wooden cladding & edges, window casements and base gaps.



Workshop: Experiance with South African Building Sites
Workshop: Wooden Facades - The Devil is in the Detail
Workshop: Surface Degradation of Wood in SA

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