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Description and main purpuse of use


fermacell is made from gypsum and recycled paper fibres. These two natural raw materials are mixed with water, without any other binders being added. The gypsum reacts with the water, penetrating and enveloping the fibres. The mixture is then pressed into stable boards under high pressure, dried, coated with a water repellent, and cut to the required sizes. This produces high stability and no combustibility Because of its material composition, fermacell boards are suitable for general construction, fire protection, and wet rooms.

Main advantages of fermacell
  • Comfortable indoor climate
: fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards  are made of gypsum and paper fibres, without any other binders. The breathing and insulating material ensures a comfortable indoor climate.
  • Load carrying: 
Up to 50 kg per cavity fixing and 30 kg per screw. Eliminates Noggings.
  • Suitable for wet rooms: 
fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards are extremely suitable for rooms with variable humidity, e.g. domestic bathrooms.
  • Impact resistant: 
fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard reduces double layering or the use of sheathing ply. The homogeneous board structure makes it sturdy and able to withstand mechanical loading.
  • Fire resistant: 
60 minutes fire resistance from single layer partitions up to 10 m high. Class ‘0’ certification. European class A2.
  • Perfect sound insulation
: Tests conducted by various worldwide institutes confirms outstanding sound insulating properties.

Gypsum Fibreboards

Dry lining internal construction board for new projects as well as reconstructions. Thanks to the high density and multipurpose use

3x benefit with fermacell     

  1. Dry installation means rooms are instantly ready for use
  2. Maximum safety (sound and fire protection) guaranteed - thanks to all-in-one systems
  3. Optimum use of space due to thin wall thickness

Technical data:

  • Board thicknesses 10/ 12,5/ 18 mm
  • Dimension 1200 x 3000 mm 
and 1200 x 2400 mm
  • Nominal density 1150 kg/m3

Flooring Elements

fermacell flooring systems are designed for use as floating floors in a wide variety of applications. Manufactured from fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards they give a dry, robust, and simple solution for your flooring requirements.

3 x benefits with fermacell flooring systems

  1. installed and ready to use within 24 hours
  2. improving acoustic and thermal insulation
  3. leveling uneven floors for a range of solutions is available

Technical data:

  • assembling with overlaps - glue and screws
  • Board thicknesses 25 mm (2x12,5 mm)
  • Dimension 500 x 1500 mm
  • Nominal density 1150 kg/m3


fermacell Flooring elemets technical approval and data sheet
fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard data sheet

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