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Rough sawn Timber

Description and main purpuse of use

Kiln dried spruce and siberian larch, not plained. For further processing, construction, non-visible structures, frames, suitable for rustical structures.

Certified according to SANS 1783-1 and SANS 1783-2.

Spruce is a coniferous evergreen tree used in construction as well as for interior design. There are 35 different sub-species of spruce; we offer mainly Picea Abies which grows in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, Austria).


In Europe, spruce has been planted for centuries. The first legal act contributing to the sustainability of forests in central Europe was issued in 1350 by Emperor Charles IV. Today, sustainability is ensured by local legislation as well as by the international PEFC certification, which is very similar to FSC.


Rough sawn timber is kiln-dried to a moisture of 16 % (+– 2 %). Lamellas used in the production of glue laminated construction timber are kiln-dried to a moisture of 8 % (panels), 12 % (BSH, DUO/TRIO) and 15 % (KVH). Kiln-drying also destroys wood pests. As kiln-dried wood is not usually attacked by common wood pest species, European countries have adopted a technical and legislative opinion that such wood does not have to be chemically treated, which is an important step towards greater environmental friendliness of wooden constructions. However, kiln-dried timber can be treated when the customer requires it.

Typical dimension

Thicknesses: 22, 25, 32, 38, 40, 50 mm
Width: 150, 160, 200 and 240 mm
Lenght: approx. 4 m

Available also 8m long rough sawn beams.



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