Carla’s Internship Day by Day

Carla’s Internship Day by Day

“As an Architect, I would love to live in a Timber house. I believe, timber construction has the ability to bring warmth and a feeling of “being grounded” in a space. A home is a place of warmth, memories and inspiration and therefore incorporating timber into such a special and significant place would be ideal.”, says Carla Jooste, winner of the Timber Competition who have just spent several days with the Prodesi/Domesi Architects in the Czech Republic, visited the Novatop CLT production and met the team who offers sustainable building solutions for the South African Market in cooperation with HWZi.

Day 1: Timber constructions in the mountains

Accompanied by Architect Pavel Horák, Carla visited traditional and modern Timber constructions in the Krkonoše mountain region, they also inspected a Novatop building site. The Mountainous regions of the Czech Republic are traditionally timber orientated, and certain timber constructions are more than 100 years old. People who decides to build their homes in this beautiful nature often plan for sustainable constructions with visible wooden surfaces.

Day 2: Creative office day & inspiration

After visiting other Novatop CLT building sites and being part of a creative process at the office, Carla also visited the ForArch building fair, an opening party of a showroom and has admired new office buildings as well as old historical houses in Prague City centre. The ForArch International building fair offers inspiration and solutions not only for Timber constructions, but also renovations of historical as well as modern buildings and solutions to Smart Homes and much more.

Day 3: Showhouse

Carla and Architect Pavel Horák visited more Novatop building sites as well as a showhouse. This showhouse offers clients a chance to experience the indoor climate of timber construction and see how materials weathers years later (in South Africa we have the Hout Bay House playing this role). Later at the office they discussed the Projects and then showed her ways how architects design (Pavel Horák makes wonderful hand drawings of each project). In the evening Carla went to the Prague Castle and the old Town.

Day 4: Novatop production & team

Early morning, Carla travelled to the eastern part of Czech Republic to visit the Novatop CLT production and meet the team. She spent the day with the product specialist and in the evening admired the city of Olomouc. The Novatop CLT production is open to architects and the technical team is happy to share their knowledge about construction details, walls compositions as well as unusual queries and solutions. Co-operation between Architect, Static Engineer and product specialist always works very well to minimise errors!

Day 5: Forest, Static engineer & Prague old town

Carla spent the last day with Lucie, who explained the support South African Architects will receive when design the Novatop CLT system. Later Lucie showed her one of the forests that we have in the Czech Republic. The plentiful forests are a traditional part of the Czech nature; they are a source for construction material and simultaneously offer space where people can spend their free time and refresh. In the evening Carla returned to Prague and had time for more sightseeing before saying “Goodbye” to the City. Carla fell in love with the narrow streets of the old Town, stylish coffee places as well as modern office buildings.

Carla Jooste is an inspirational young architect and it was a pleasure to host her in Czech Republic!




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