Report: Workshop Timber & Design

Report: Workshop Timber & Design

The second Hout Bay House Workshop, this year on topic Timber & Design, took place on February 25th in the Hout Bay House, show house and research project located in Cape Town.

Michal Popov (timber merchant) about Vertical Wooden Cladding  

Michal spoke about vertical wooden claddings, the problems connected with this popular design feature and possible solutions how to keep architect’s original idea and at the same time create a cladding, which will be done in technically correct way. He stressed the important role of the architect, who is the only person who combines the design as well as technological knowledge and should not only draw long vertical lines on the visualisation but also provide technical details to builders to be sure, that the project will look nice not only at the day when its finished, but also in few years. The main problem of the vertical cladding is the water running on the facade boards. Michal definitely doesn't recommend T&G profiles for vertical cladding and shared some tips how to prolong the lifetime of vertical facade: (1) The open gaps allow the cladding to dry properly & (2) horizontal lines dividing the facade in more elements “break” the way of running water and help to protect the cladding & (3) ventilated air gap is absolutely essential. Watch his presentation (below).

Richard Stretton (Architect from Durban) about South African Timber Projects  

At the beginning of his presentation Richard briefly summed up his relationship to timber, reasons why he stared to design timber constructions in 90s and why he thinks modern timber products such as CLT or glue laminated beams are a solution for South African market. Later Richard has introduced his latest project (please find below the plans), which has a change to become the first multi-storey CLT building in South Africa and explained why he thinks it’s important to densify the living in the city areas and rethink the cities. From Richards point of view, big advantage of prefabrication is the control the Architect has, what of course opened also a nice discussion about imported a locally produced CLT. We were proud to have at the Workshop also Jamie from XLAM, local South African CLT producer. Watch Richards presentation (video below).  

Jiri Oslizlo (Producer of Novatop) about modern and sustainable acoustic panels  

Jiri has briefly introduced the Novatop brand and product range and continued with more details about the construction system. The Hout Bay House, where the workshop took place, is also a Novatop solid wood construction what gave the participants a chance to see everything “life”. Acoustic, the main topic of Jiri’s presentation, made the participants familiar with the principals of the wooden acoustic panels and the tole of the openings and wood fibre absorber. Later the various designs were introduced as well as interesting reference projects such as concert hall, school, church, sport hall, office and of course also residential projects.  

Lukas Krbec (Static Engineer) about Cooperation of Architect and Static Engineer  

Lukas introduced how he works with architects and helps them to change their designs into structural model of a CLT timber construction. This structural model can be later turned into production plans and the house will be prefabricated according them. Jiri continued with more detailed description how the construction process of CLT home looks like and used the example of the Hout bay House. He also explained what’s the difference between vapour open and closed construction and the advantage of time shift and has mentioned also the certification.  

We were very pleased to see the interest and would like to excuse to everybody, who didn't have chance to register due to full capacity. We want to keep the open friendly atmosphere and enough space for questions and discussion, what’s will be not possible if we will extend the capacity.




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