Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

In case you have any questions please contact Klara ( via e-mail or leave us a message on Facebook.

Are John and Amy real customers?

No, John, Amy and their three kids are just our virtual family. You can imagine them in any way you wish and can reflect how you see a typical South African family.

What’s the budget for John and Amy’s house? How can I calculate how much the timber construction will be?

The budget is not given, it depends on how you can imagine a young South African family need. To get an idea, how much it would cost to build a modern sustainable CLT construction in SA, look at the approximate costs of the Hout Bay House. For 10 houses, which will be chosen by the Novatop team, a full calculation will be prepared.

Who can use my drawing?

The drawing will be introduced on the competition’s homepage, on social media, and at the 9th Wood conference in Cape Town. The team organising the competition has a right to use the drawing as well as presentation for marketing purposes. In case a customer would be interested in building a house based on this drawing, he will be asked to contact you.

Who can participate?

South African University students in their last two years studying Architecture and young professionals under the age of 35 (important is that you are under 35 in the moment you register for the competition).

Can a team participate?

Generally, yes, but should team win the first price, the flight ticket will be paid for one member of the team only, accommodation can be paid for two members (if they share one room).

Can also foreigners participate?

The Competition is open for South African citizens and residents only.

Where can I get more information about modern timber constructions?

You can find basic information and documents to download on the competition’s homepage, where we will share also interesting links.

All participants are welcome to join the opening Workshop of the competition, where you will get more familiar with the solid wood construction system, meet South African Architects’ who is passionate about timber and other interesting speakers as well as the team organising the competition. This Workshop is not compulsory; however, we recommend participation. You can also connect with the competition team anytime (on Facebook, e-mail or WhatsApp) to find answers which might not be on the homepage yet.

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