SANS Certified Glue laminated Beams locally available in SA!

SANS Certified Glue laminated Beams locally available in SA!

12m long horizontally laminated beams certified according to SANS are locally avalable in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg!
Glulam consists of at least two boards or laminations that have been technically dried and glued together parallel to the fibers. Before gluing, the laminations are graded visually or mechanically by strength and planed. Mosser, who is producing the beams for SA Market, uses the most up-to-date scanner technology to grade glulam by strength and optical features to ensure the high standard of quality that has been maintained for over 25 years.
European standards define a variety of different strength classes. The Mosser standard is strength class GL 24h. This strength class is ideal for manufacture with the available raw materials and is, therefore, the most economical and visually pleasing classification. The GL24 lies in South African Classification between S5 and S7, the beams are certified as S5.
We use melamine urea resin glue to glue our glulam and glulam ceiling elements. The glue is waterproof and weather-resistant and produces light glued joints, which do not darken over time. This gluing system is almost formaldehyde free – there are no increased levels of formaldehyde in completely hardened products in comparison to un-glued spruce wood.
For more information about the technical properties and quality Criteria please download a Brochure issued by the producer. To compare the characteristic strenght values of S5 and european C24 (raw material for GL24), download an overview by SATAS.
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Flyer SATAS Certification for Architects (gluelam beams Durban)
Characteristic strength values of SA Pine and European Spruce (by Abe Stears)
Mosser Brochure BSH Gluelam beams

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