Inspiration: Office

Inspiration: Office

Industrial design, high ceilings and wood.

Apiary project shows that office doesn’t necessarily need to be like boring open space. Popular Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill created original and inspiring space divided in two storey, first offers relaxing area and meeting room, second contains offices.


SECA Siberian Larch flooring gives the industrial design a touch of nature.

Apiari, Karlín  HAll 4_sibiřský_modřín-C-industrial.jpg

Using the same material for the flooring and wall givs the place nice continuty.

Apiari, Karlín  HAll 3_sibiřský_modřín-C-industrial.jpg

Stairs to the second storey covered by SECA Siberian Larch flooring.

Apiari, Karlín 6.jpg


Apiari, Karlín  HAll 5_sibiřský_modřín-C-industrial.jpg

Company address

4 Sedgemoor Road, Camps Bay

Office hours by appointment